Big Boots Billy

I came ridin’ into town on a three legged horse
tired and worn as can be
when I slid out the saddle and pulled up my jeans
saw everybody laughing at me.
It didn’t hurt me none or bother me t’all
to see all stop and stare,
cause I’m a mean old hombre a Texas cussin’ outlaw
and you think I really give a care?
My name is Big Boots Billy, I know it’s kinda silly
to have a name that tells it all
and sometimes I wonder just what is being heavy
instead of just being so small.
Yea, I’m the Little Texas thrilla’ cause I eat armadillo
ropin’em like a steer
just a fire on their middle and tearin’ off them legs
and wash it down with a Lone Star Beer.

- Randy Covert