Super Who

What if superman wore a cape of pink
While flying through the air,
Just think of it as different,
Would we really care?
Imagine batman’s mask
In a cool electric blue,
Would they be less of hero’s
Doing their daily task.
If Donald duck wore pants,
And Oliveole was cute,
Would we laugh more or less
Or be just as much amused?
If Roy Rogers horse were white
And Lone Rangers a shiny black
Would we still think of them as classics,
Would we want them to come back?
If Brutus were a black man
With Popeye being white
Laughing at the way,
They do there silly fights.
What is it with color
And how it really is?
Being bitter to one another
What’s yours is rarely his.
Maybe cartoons could be the answer
To show us a new way,
Laughter and imagination
At the beginning of each day.
Perhaps the children that we teach
Could educate how we feel.
Just a box of colors
Ain’t really no big deal!

- Randy Covert