Randy W. Covert grew up as an Army brat. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was raised in many places like Germany, France and Texas. He drove his first motorcycle down the eight-laned Champs D’Elysee, buying pain au chocolat from his favorite boulangeries and writing poetry in the street cafés. Wherever he was in the world, he always loved reading and writing.

Upon his return to the States after high school, like most, he was drafted and decided to enlist in the Air Force. He spent the next four years doing aircraft maintenance and flight engineering. He was selected for a special assignment in Weisbaden, Germany doing a weekly courier run, flying all over Europe. At Louisiana State University New Orleans, he studied literature and creative writing, but he also fell in love with cars. That’s how it goes with cars. He started with lubrication and adjusting belts, he heard the music of pistons, valves, and the sweet sound of turbo exhaust. Between his two loves—working on cars and writing—the years flew by. The next thing he knew, he got an invitation to his 40th high school reunion.

Randy was thinking about attending the reunion and almost backed out when his sister and brother-in-law persuaded him to go. He walked into the Knights of Columbus Hall in Copperas Cove, Texas, and standing on the dance floor was his love, Connie. He hadn’t seen her in forty years. Time didn’t matter. To Randy, she was as beautiful as she was in high school, when they went steady in 1963. This time, Randy decided he would not let her get away. This time he would marry her, and he did in 2004.

The later part of 2004 Randy was diagnosed with throat cancer. He is in remission now and says it’s all because of Connie, her attention, and mostly her daily menu of mashed potatoes and Wendy’s Frosty’s. Connie also has some claims of her own. She swears Randy can walk into the garage with a board, two nails, and a screwdriver and put something together. Usually he builds lamps (they have many) but, it could be a coffee table top, a bird house, or whatever he envisions. He also has the talent to know where and when to watch the dew appear on a lily pad, gaze at the clouds, or the ocean’s waves with their mighty splendor, so he can capture it in his writing.

Randy enjoys writing poetry and children’s books. His most recent series is George Giraffe. His poetry has been published in A Celebration of Poets, Forever Spoken and Theatre of the Mind. He and Connie live in Edmond, Oklahoma with their little dog, Lucee. Randy’s daughter, Melissa, and her family, live in Louisiana. Connie’s son, Josh, and his daughter, live in Oklahoma. Her son, Trae, and his family, live in Texas.